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 A week ago, I introduced ADR Friday Loves, a weekly collection of my current silly and serious loves. I was thrilled by your response; it seems that many of you are game for some more frilly Friday fun. This makes me happy as I really enjoy sharing the things I've found in life and online. So, here it is. ADR Friday Loves Round Two. Enjoy and have a good weekend!

1. Center for Humans and Nature

Before Dad (Strachan Donnelley) died in 2008, he founded the Center in 2003 and thereafter invested his heart and soul in the non-profit organization. Recently, the Center launched a wonderful new website that's worth checking out. Click on over to think big, ask the Louisville Slugger questions, and take part in the CHN's inspiring community and conversations. If any of you are interested in joining for the Center's Questions for a Sustainable Future free event at the American Museum of Natural History, click here to learn more.


2. Kenneth Jaye Lane Stud Earrings

I am a big fan of fun costume jewelry because these days real jewelry makes me nervous, particularly with kids in the picture. I have also become very fond of studs and these Pearl Bee Earrings and Enamel Twist Stud Earrings are right up my alley.


3. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

If you are a writer or artist of any stripe, or simply face existential "Resistance" in your days, grab a copy of this book. Written in short sections, it is easy to gobble up and extremely motivating. All of us face blocks in our life and Pressfield thoughtfully addresses this reality in the book. Pressfield also has a great blog.

4. Ali Ro Classic Black Jacket.

I bought this jacket a few years ago and I still wear it all the time. Great for trips to the gym, rainy day errands, and even layered over dressier clothes. Buttons are big and bold. Note: I've had to resew my buttons a couple of times now, but I think I am particularly hard on buttons. An interesting characteristic, no? I have the jacket in black, but there are other great colors available.


5. Sugar & Plumm. Purveyor of Yumm.

I know, I know. I've already mentioned this yummy haven a couple of times this week, but it is worth another mention here as we Rowley girls (Daddy has yet to go) adore this place. My girls dig the Candy Shop and Grasshopper milkshakes and I am a big fan of the Heirloom Tomato Soup and the Whole Grain Salad. Curious about the various menus? Click here.


6. PicMonkey Photo App.

Have you noticed how I've begun to have some fun with my photos, adding words and frames and special effects? I have fallen madly in love with an app called PicMonkey. In fact, I used it to make the above graphic! Be warned: PicMonkey is absolutely wonderful, but can be a major time-suck for the creatively inclined.

7. Claire Messud's The Emperor's Children.

I read this novel a while back, but I loved it. Messud's characters are complex and compelling and she paints the city of New York with beautiful and abiding detail. For what it's worth, I read this book and my first thought after flipping the final page was: I want to write a book like this.


8. Jonathan Adler Junior Letter Pillow.

This pillow has become my go-to baby present. It comes in pink and blue and with the letter, it's personal, but also simple enough to blend nicely with almost any nursery decor. Love it because it is not super babyish and would work well in a bigger kid's room as well. Also comes in larger sized black and white versions; My big girls each have one of these on their beds!


What are you loving these days? Anything goes!

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