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So. I've been oddly in love with donuts and croissants lately. And I've been eating them, too. The cool thing is that I haven't been gaining, but losing weight. I think this is because I'm eating what I want when I'm hungry and not overdoing it. I think it has helped that I haven't stopped moving in weeks - writing words, shuttling the girls to and fro, planning and hosting and attending parties, etc. It seems all of these things burn a calorie or two.

Anyway, I realize that it's not all about being skinny, but about being healthy. And so. When I arrived at Coffee Bean this morning, instead of ordering the pastry I wanted, I opted for a non-fat blueberry Greek yogurt. I was proud of myself for this. I also ordered a decaf coffee because I concluded that I was sufficiently caffeinated for the time being. This, too, made me proud because I have been known to overdo it on the caffeine and also have been known to make fun of decaf-drinkers. Alas, I'm evolving.

Anyway, the funny thing is that they forgot about my decaf and I stood there waiting for some time. Finally, I asked about it and I was met with a look of surprise and then there was some scrambling and within a few moments, I was clutching my decaf. I walked away to find a table to write and heard them calling for me. I turned around and the cashier was waving a little brown bag at me. What's this? I asked as she handed it to me. A blueberry scone. Sorry for the wait on your coffee.

I smiled. And I took the scone and settled in at my little table. And I opened my computer and, still smiling at the screen, I wrote these words. It seems that the universe is telling me to keep eating pastries. At least I got the blueberry part right.

No need to comment on this post unless you have some deep thoughts on pastries, but if you have a moment, please read this and let me know what you think. Thanks, guys!

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