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Screen by Screen

Writing is a lonely business. There is no way around it. If you write words, you know this.

And yet. There are ways that it can become a little less lonely.

One way is to find a friend. A bud. A partner-in-crime.

Someone who writes words too. Someone who gets it. Someone who knows.

I have found this person.

And in a relatively short time, I have come to know her and love her.

She is a mother and a thinker and a writer.

Like me. Like many of you.

And I have pushed her. To start her own site.

And today. On her birthday (40!), she is launching that site.

And so. I ask you to pop over. To visit. To say hi.

And to say thank you. Maybe that too. For making this writer a happy camper.

And for saving this writer a spot at Starbucks & Coffee Bean.

{So many times.}

Oh, and it doesn't hurt that her Kiddo is one of Big Girl's besties.

Here they are {with Middle Girl} after Phineas & Ferb Live.

Comments are closed here today. Please swing by my friend Heather Chaet's brand new site to say hi and happy birthday!

A Yummy Day

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