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Okay. So I will admit it: Husband is a pretty fabulous dad to his girls. As I was curled up on the couch watching, gulp, The Bachelor, on Monday night, Husband was Googling cat faces. The big girls insisted that their baby sis have a yellow kitty cake and my man wasn't going to disappoint. By the time we went to bed, the cake was baked and the Magnolia frosting made.

Yesterday morning, we all helped Daddy frost and decorate the cake. He went as far as cutting out cat ears and attaching them. The result was pretty impressive, I must say.

And last night. Last night we sang happy birthday and presented Little Girl with her massive kitty masterpiece. She stared at it for a few moments, delight dancing in tired blue eyes, before the attack. She was relatively delicate in diving in, but in time, she was appropriately coated in sticky sweetness. And as for the eating of said cake, we all helped her out. Yummeth is the appropriate word even though it is not in fact a word.

This is my third time doing this first birthday thing and I must say that she is the first one to insist upon using a fork. At age one, people! Ivy League here we come :)

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