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Just got back from Pour. My favorite wine store. Haven't been there in months. I went to pick up a few bottles because my friends - the lovely and infamous Friday Night Wives - are alighting any minute now for some cocktails before heading to a swanky dinner downtown. While we are here catching up, I will probably indulge in a fauxtail (I prefer this to mocktail) or two. Perhaps an uber-spicy virgin Mary? We shall see.

Was with the kiddos all day and we had a really good one, but I've been running and am a bit stressed. I'm excited to see my friends, but a little worried that it won't be as fun without sipping the wine with them. I know from last weekend that this won't necessarily be the case, that there is plenty of fun to be had sans vino, but I still feel that slight buzz of apprehension, and that nagging little question: Why am I doing this again?

Okay, must run and finish getting ready. I've been told I should don sparkles and heels. Oh boy :)

Hope you all have a great night. And check back soon; I'm sure this evening will give me some pretty good stories to share.

{total time to whip up this post: 8 minutes. Trying to keep these 6pm posts to under 10 min.}

What are you all up to tonight? Any fun fauxtail recipes? When's the last time you had a big night out with friends?

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