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Rated P... For Parenthood

My good friend Heather (@heatherchaet) invited me to a sneak preview of a new Broadway show called Rated P... for Parenthood. Her good friend Joanna Young is one of the four leads in the show and got us the tickets. And we went. And I adored it. The musical is a witty and wise look at parenthood from conception to college. I sat there nodding and laughing the entire time. Per The New York Times, Rated P is "energetic, moving entertainment. Sweet and wistfully funny." If you are a parent or are contemplating parenthood, you will love Rated P. And if you are not a parent and are decidedly dodging parenthood at all costs, you will love it too for it will bring to life the nuttiness you are in large part sage to avoid.

Oh, and if you are a bit perplexed by the photo above, I understand and let me explain. Firstly, and most importantly, yes, I've been cheating a bit. While Starbucks is my first true coffee love, I have been spending some quality time at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I like the ambiance of Coffee Bean - it is light and bright and I really dig the fact that they have a secret code to get into the bathroom. (If you need the code for 79th Street or 86th Street, email me.)

And if you are wondering about the lovely brown smudge on the Playbill... On the way to meet my friend and head to the show, I stopped in at Starbucks (for probably the seventh time that day). And I saw that they are now selling little baggies of chocolate covered espresso beans. Clearly, I needed to sample said yummy bits of efficiency so I bought them, ate a few and tossed them in my bag. Well, during the show my iPhone heated up and melted the little chocolates and voila, a chocolate covered iPhone and Playbill. Super sweet, no?

Any tragic iPhone tales? Are you loyal to one coffee chain? Are you an avid theater-goer? Do you like to chuckle about parenthood or eat chocolate coated caffeine?

I Sit Here Shaking. And Smiling.

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